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Anne Emerson has lived in Door County, Wisconsin since 1969, when she left her writing job at the University of Chicago Press to open Edgewood Orchard Galleries, now one of the Midwest's most respected art galleries. She received the Governor's Award in Support of the Arts for her community work promoting arts in education. She is currently involved with Write On, Door County's efforts to establish a national writing center and residency program.



Stella was born on August 24, 2016 at Labradoodle Corral near Hartford, Wisconsin. She's a "red" medium-tall Australian Labradoodle and weighs 50 pounds. She wakes up ready to go, always wagging her tail. She talks and bows and listens to every word. She is smarter than we are, and so agile and entertaining she could have been a circus dog dancing and balancing a ball on her nose. She runs like a gazelle, with Tiller always just a little behind her.

Molly Johnson.png


Molly Johnson is a classically trained artist specializing in several mediums. Her teaching career has spanned all levels of education including owning a classical fine art academy. She helps bring people’s memories and words to life in paintings along with creating her own works. Her studio, The Mill Art Center, is in a historic 1909 flour mill located in the heart of Denmark, Wisconsin, and is instrumental in promoting local arts. 



Tiller was born on Mother's Day, May 14, 2017 at Labradoodle Corral. He and Stella have been best friends from the moment he joined our family at 8 weeks old. He's a parti dog of black and brown with patches of white, 2" shorter than Stella but the same weight. He is very sweet and sincere with a comical side. He loves games and sneaks downstairs with an old slipper each morning to prance through the house playing catch me if you can.

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