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Kind Words for Doodle Love

Anne and Molly have created a gem of a book, so endearing and joyous, so exquisitely illustrated, it almost makes a lifetime cat-person want a dog or two. This utterly charming, engaging treasure will be loved by big and little readers both.

      — Naomi Shihab Nye, poet and author, most recently of Voices in the Air – Poems for Listeners

Anne Emerson’s happy-go-lucky text combines brilliantly with Molly Johnson’s endearing paintings in this delightful tale. Stella and Tiller will capture your heart as they dance through their day, and the pure joy of life with these Doodles will have you smiling on every page. And, quite possibly, long after!

     — Sharon Auberle, Door County Poet Laureate, 2017-2019

Who knew there was a Doodle for everyone? This is a fun picture book not only for dog lovers but for everyone looking for a best pal.

     — Nancy Carlson, author of I Like Me!, Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!, and over 60 other books

“Doodle Love”, with its sweet poetic cadence, fun facts, and magical illustrations, tells the enjoyable story every dog owner knows well. Whether it’s a doodle, your favorite retriever, or a lovable mutt rescued from your local shelter, this book reminds us that there is immense beauty and spirit in these four-legged creatures, who even on our worst days, fill our souls with sunshine.


      — Joseph & Dina G., Milwaukee, WI


As both a dog lover and story lover I am enamored with Doodle Love. It’s a joy on so many levels. First of all, Stella and Tiller are stars. I’d follow these two characters around the world – to outer space – back in time! They are capable of so many amazing adventures. “It starts with a poodle and…” can take us anywhere.

The ever-curious dog lover in me is thrilled that the story is accompanied by the fun cataloging of the numerous doodle breeds. It adds such depth to the book. And an educational component when I share it with my younger book and dog lovers alike.


      — Joe P.Chicago



Doodle Love honors the graceful spirit of dogs in such a beautiful way! 

It made me think about how grateful I am for all of the love, joy and happy memories dogs have brought into my life. Doodle Love captures the gifts dogs give us by reminding us to live fully in the present, share our joy, rest well, and enjoy each moment! 

      — Vinni C., Fish Creek, WI


I have friends who have two dogs, Stella and Tiller, they are Doodles. One of the things about dogs, especially Doodles is that they have the uncanny ability to distribute joy. The last time I saw Tiller and Stella, they made me feel so welcome. It was in part they way they danced and wiggled, part their gentle little jumps, rubbing up against my legs and saying hi, how are you. 

Doodles distribute joy, their eyes connect, they surround you with their expression of love and they pronounce in dog words: “Welcome friend.” Doodle Love is a book but in real life, doodle love is just, well spectacular. 


      — Michael B., Kansas City, KS

DOODLE LOVE is a delightful read and “look.”  These two artists have seamlessly combined word and picture into an entertaining and even informative book.  Certainly, a great book to share with children but this dog-loving geezer found it to be thoroughly charming.  Most of all its tone, obvious affection, and illustrations capture what it means to live and love with these wonderful friends.  A welcome book for the holidays or anytime. 

      —  Sean G., New York, NY


I loved your book and I love the bookmark!  Be Kind/Have Fun pretty much says it all!


      — Linda K., Black Earth, WI


I love Anne Emerson's book DOODLE LOVE!  I am crazy about dogs, and although I am blind, I can feel a dog's love the minute it walks into a room.  It fills my heart with joy to touch and cuddle a dog, and there is nothing better than to get a lick on the hand or the face. Also, it is thrilling to hear all the wonderful sounds they make. 


I belong to a  theatre company called ArtStream, where disabled people act alongside non-disabled actors, and I recently talked about DOODLE LOVE for an audition I did.   I brought the book to show people, and told them about Stella and Tiller.  Everybody loved it!  I told them that I hope to get an Australian Labradoodle some day! 


  — Kirsten D., Bethesda, MD

A charming and beautifully illustrated story of two well-loved dogs, Doodle Love finds the sweet spot between entertainment and education, poetry and prose.  I have gifted the children in my circle of love with their own copies, as well our local library. When presented with their copy, the Children’s Librarian said it was just the kind of book they look for and was a welcome addition to their shelves. 

I received this thank you note from my friend who is the grandmother of two girls: “I’m not sure I can find the right words to express how much Sasza and Ewa’s enjoy Doodle Love. I just wish you could see their faces. They read it every visit. They love it!


  — Kathy E., Milwaukee, WI


We are Wisconsin born, living in London, grandparents to an Australian Labradoodle, bred in Wales...these doodles are hybrids and transplants, just like us...and they are everywhere! Anne’s text, both playful and factual, is perfectly paired with Molly’s captivating watercolors. Doodle Love is about companionship and love and we found it positively fetching!

  — Barbara and Tom P., London, England

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